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AGTEC provides workshop services to our Clients through AGFIX, we have a highly experienced team who have many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery.

AGFIX can provide renovation or repairs for your machinery or custom build new equipment to meet the exact needs of the individual.  Through listening to our clients and providing excellent repair services AGFIX has built a strong and loyal customer base.



Refurbished Machines

Often machinery gets to a point where it cannot perform its task without breaking down and repairs are required to various parts of the machine.  AGFIX can provide an option to refurbish the original machine.

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Custom Build

AGFIX can design and build machinery from a basic concept level through to the application in the field.  Adapting 2 separate machines to work together is a common request for AGFIX – such as fitting seed boxes to Cambridge rollers, attaching air seeders to spiked rotors or fitting tines to Landlevellers.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery is essential for performance, ease of operation and safety.  AGFIX has a good reputation for repairing equipment and dealing with the Farmer in a timely, fair and equitable manner. Remember that rust never sleeps, water & rust in bearings lead to breakdowns and shafts that were bent.... [click for more]

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06 370 1212

315 Naumutawa Road, Solway, Masterton 5810

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